The Kickstarter Letters published in print & ebook versions

By on April 4th, 2013
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The Kickstarter Letters by David David Katzman

After a successful Kickstarter project, my third book, The Kickstarter Letters is available to the public from my publisher, the Chicago Center for Literature & Photography. The Kickstarter Letters is a beautiful handmade book that collects 52 of my stream-of-consciousness emails and handwritten letters written to supporters of my Kickstarter project for A Greater Monster. The book features psychedelic cover art, four color illustrations, 16 black and white illustrations and three fold-out handwritten letters. The letter design by publisher Jason Pettus is reminiscent of the groundbreaking music magazine Raygun from the 80s.

The Kickstarter Letters is also available as a pay-what-you PDF or as an ebook without the artistic layouts. The cover art is available as a poster from Cafepress.

Get your Kicks from Kickstarter Letters #66

By on April 4th, 2013
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After what feels like decades of hard work The Kickstarter Letters is finally available to the public from the Chicago Center for Literature & Photography. What is The Kickstarter Letters? Why, my third book of course. The entire story of how it came to be and what it is is best told in song.

Just kidding. In video. Watch the one I created for our successful Kickstarter project.

The Kickstarter Letters is available for purchase on the Chicago Center for Literature & Photography (CCLaP) website at The response so far from those who have received the hardback book via Kickstarter is that it is beautiful. It’s the most deluxe book Jason Pettus, owner of CCLaP has ever released, and that’s why it has taken so long to produce the 65 copies sold via Kickstarter to launch it.

The Kickstarter Letters handmade book

Sample page from The Kickstarter Letters

Handwritten letter inside The Kickstarter Letters

color illustrations from The Kickstarter Letters

To have some fun with the awesome cover art created by my friend Mike Wilgus, I designed a photo album of cover art remixes that you can view on my Facebook page.

I’m so thrilled to be published by CCLaP, an up-and-coming indie press that has received some major press, being featured in both Poets & Writers magazine and The Chicago Tribune.
Please take a peek at the video and if you like what you see–the ebook version is “pay what you want,” and the handmade hardback version is truly a work of love. Visit the Chicago Center for Literature & Photography page here:

In other news, I was shortlisted for another literary prize entitled The Time & Place Prize whose award was travel and room & board for a month in France at a small cottage. The purpose is to allow a writer time and space to write. I submitted a 5000 word selection from A Greater Monster as my entry. I didn’t win, but it was nice to be a finalist.

Lastly, I was interviewed by “Authors Showcase” at the Empty Bottle Pop Up Book Fair a few months ago, and I finally tracked down the video. My portion is from 1:40 to 3:39.